"3D Video Mapping Dance"

 If you are looking forwards to impress your audience with some kind of modern, exciting and unique dance, then look no further, as Skeletron Dance Crew presents Animatronics Customise Dance Act, which is completely different from what you or your audience has speculated ever before.It engages 3D video Mapping Dance, Visual Dance, Graphics Dance, Led wall Dance as well as Interactive Dance, in which our dance troupe is an expert and can perform flawlessly much to the satisfaction of the audience. and this is the best act for corporate events 

At Skeleton Dance Crew, we take immense pride in our work and have engaged only the very best dancers, who have proved their talents in some of the best reality shows in India like ‘Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi karega’ as well as others. Our dedicated and hard working team can make sure that each and every member of the audience leaves the place with a cherishing memory that can be shared with others. As a matter of fact, we proudly claim that we are the only dance troupe in the country to perform live projection dance in front of a huge audience effortlessly and smoothly.

Our animation dance is considered to be a mixture of animation, LED visual effects and Tron dancers. Being choreographed and trained by Performance of our 3d projection mapping dance can be availed for product launch events. Our dancers can easily incorporate your product features and through our customise dance, can ensure that the message that you wish to deliver to your audience is provided to them via our exciting and enthralling dance steps. You can book our troupe in advance and provide us the details, sit back and relax to watch to your delight, the results achieved and the reaction of the audience to your satisfaction.

Tron Act

The LED tron dancers provide an amazing visual impact that will WOW corporate event audiences. They can create a unique performance for every client, this can range from redeveloped choreography, to a simple logo or slogan insertion to an existing show.
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Michael Jackson

This is a show with a great futuristic component with a huge visual impact of lights that are surprisingly delightful because of its different approach in the choreographic movement.

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UV Skeleton Act

With the use of ultraviolet light (UV or blacklight), a totally darkened environment and their specially designed props and costumes, they create beautifully surreal performances that take your audience on a uniquely sensational audiovisual journey.
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