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There are many people of all ages who are eager to join the best dance classes in Delhi, for enhancing their talents and to bring out their creativity. The best place to join is skeletondancecrew. This is because, we are considered to be among the leading not only in dance classes in west Delhi, but in the whole of India.

Why join Skeleton Crew?

With so many prestigious institutes in Delhi and the country, then why join us. If this is what you have in your mind, then you should know that we offer a wide range of dance lessons like B boying classes, locking popping, breaking. We also offer other types of dance lessons to students of all age groups and gender are bollywood dance classes, zumba dance classes, aerobics classes, Michael Jackson dance lessons. Here, you can learn the dance lessons from the experts. Each and every trainer out here is specialized in their field. So, you can be rest assured to get the very best from the experts and enjoy each and every moment of your class.

Timing For Classes

4 To 5 Pm - For Age Group - Any Age
5 To 6 Pm - For Age Group - 4 Yrs To 7 Yrs
6 To 7 Pm - For Age Group - 8 Yrs To 13 Yrs
7 To 8 Pm - For Age Group - 13 Yrs To Adult
8 To 9 Pm - For Age Group - For All Age Group
9 To 10 Pm - For Age Group - For All Age Group

Charges For Dance Classes

Rs. 2000/- Per Month for 12 Classes 3 Days a Week

Timing For Guitar Classes

Sunday - Between 10 AM To 3 PM For 1 Hour
Tuesday - Between 5 AM To 9 PM For 1 Hour
Saturday - Between 5 AM To 9 PM For 1 Hour
Morning Classes For Ladies
Private Classes on Saturday & Sunday

Charges For Guitar Classes

Rs. 1500/- Per Month for 2 Days a Week

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Tron Act

The LED tron dancers provide an amazing visual impact that will WOW corporate event audiences. They can create a unique performance for every client, this can range from redeveloped choreography, to a simple logo or slogan insertion to an existing show.
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Michael Jackson

This is a show with a great futuristic component with a huge visual impact of lights that are surprisingly delightful because of its different approach in the choreographic movement.

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UV Skeleton Act

With the use of ultraviolet light (UV or blacklight), a totally darkened environment and their specially designed props and costumes, they create beautifully surreal performances that take your audience on a uniquely sensational audiovisual journey.
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