How LED Drummers Can Help Your Brand

All bands have to start somehow. Many groups that today are playing on the big stages around the world started in small clubs in their city or their surroundings. But sometimes it’s hard to get there even. When you are starting, without fans or any kind of contacts, how do you make your way and […]

Reasons that make Light Drummers a Huge Success

Have you come across the video of LED Drummers that fascinated you? In the present time, the LED lighting and dancing has taken over the dancing world. Major industries are now using the mode of Tron Dance to launch the product in the market and it has become much more popular. The lights in the […]

Digital Tron LED Dance Revolution

The first thing that clicks in the mind of an individual hearing about Tron Dance is dance, music, and lights. This is a great combination that is presented by the dancer in digital form. This Tron Dance combines great trends and settings that make it a great way to establish a new form. The Best […]

What makes Tron Visuals amazing entertainment?

Tron has spread out wonders since the first day it came in front of us. It left us wanting for more for an insane experience and enjoy some special effects. This form of art has been a major step in technology that has managed to blow away it’s amazing tricks. It has left the audience […]

Tron Dance Brings Michael Jackson And Bollywood Together

The audience of India is now already aware of the new dance form the Tron Dance.  We would also like to believe the Indian audience is aware of the first Tron Dance Group in India, the Skeleton Dance Crew. We have been known for our innovation and acts that always adds something new. As a […]

Difficulty In Creating A Light Dance Show

Have you ever thought about the labor that goes into creating a Tron dance show? It is true that Tron Dance is amazing to look at, the foot-thumping music, LED light worn dancers showing off different formations, LED lights and lasers in the background… the wow factor of this dance form takes you to another […]

Tron Dance For Occasions

Skeleton Dance Crew is almost synonymous with the Tron Dance in India. Being the first dance company to introduce this unique dance form in India with experienced dancers took the dancing world of the country by storm. But before we delve into why as an organizer whether for a corporate function, private party or even […]

Wow Corporate Event Audience With Tron Dance

It is not always easy to wow the corporate audience mainly if it is a dance performance. But with Skeleton Dance Crew who has years of experience as the first Tron Dance group in India and has performed nationally and internationally at corporate events, you can wow your corporate audience. They have the experience and […]

How Tron Dance Can Make Your D-Day A Memorable One?

There are several dance forms that are eye-catching and elegant, be is the stylish Bollywood routines, waltz, jazz, salsa, various traditional dance forms like Kathak, Bharatnatyam, and others. It can appeal to people of all ages and walks of life. Also, for any memorable day like a wedding, special occasion and such these dances or […]

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