Have you ever thought about the labor that goes into creating a Tron dance show? It is true that Tron Dance is amazing to look at, the foot-thumping music, LED light worn dancers showing off different formations, LED lights and lasers in the background… the wow factor of this dance form takes you to another realm altogether. But how difficult is it to choreograph, to present Tron dance by the best dance group of India, Skeleton Dance Crew?

Light Dance

While many choreographers might have this misconception that creating a Tron dance show is just a piece of cake, the reality is far from that. To create a Tron dance show the Tron dancer choreographer’s job is way more complicated than the regular or traditional choreographers. Even the best dance group has to undergo rigorous training and practice sessions with the Tron dance choreographers and technicians to perfect the routine.


Light Dance performance

As the best light dance group, we can say that while creating a Tron dance show there is a huge difference between what is expected and what can be a reality. With experience, a Tron dance choreographer will be able to bridge the gap between expectation and reality of the dance performance. But that does not mean a traditional choreographer with plenty of experience in performances will be able to give you the same Tron dance show that a trained and experienced choreographer of Tron dance in India would be capable of. There are several reasons that make Tron dance choreographers different from traditional choreographers.


Any Tron dance group in India or elsewhere would tell that the way Tron dance choreographers understand and utilize light is very different from traditional choreographers.  Typically traditional choreographers perform either under natural light or regular artificial lightings. With them, the lighting is done in a way that the audience can catch their facial and hand expressions, nuanced small motions, and transitions. For any Tron dance in India or elsewhere, the choreographer has to let the LED suit convey the message. This is because in Tron dance does not showcase any facial expression or movements.


Since the entire body covered in LED light suits performs for the audience in a dark or black environment the choreographer has to bear in mind that at times instead of intricate and small movements, bold and simple steps can attract the audience more.


Next is a choreographer without Tron dance experience fails to understand that it is tough being the best light dance group because they fail to realize that LED suited performers have less flexibility in their movement than traditional dance performers. Also, as a choreographer of the best Tron dance group in India one needs to take care of the suit. The LED suits are expensive and are made of plastic parts because on regular clothes LED strips to break off faster. Hence the Tron dance choreographers have to create moves that do not break the strips while performance. It will be quite difficult to perform when half of the LED strips break or stops working in the middle of a performance.


A little more flexibility in the movement in Tron dance can be performed if the dancers wear EL wire suits, but they provide less color intensity and RGB color space. So to wow live audiences, it is not an ideal choice of lighting strips for a Tron performance.


The other major factor that choreographers and technicians involved in creating a Tron dance performance mainly if they are part of the best dance group in India is the timing. Any Tron dance without the wow factor cannot be successful and a good choreographer will ensure that the routine has all the qualities to wow the audience. The best way to do that is to start the routine with slow movements maybe with a single dancer and then pick up the pace with multiple dancers. Simple and intrinsic light tricks involved in the performance will help a Tron dance group to wow the audience.


Apart from choreographing the routine the dancers, technicians, and the choreographer of the best dance group in Tron dance format have to have basic knowledge about the hardware and software systems that are used in the routines. A choreographer with the technical knowledge of how to use the consoles and computers in creating a Torn dance show will always have a better capacity to captivate the audience’s imagination than those without it.


A lot of hard work and labor goes into creating a Tron dance performance that enthralls the audience. It requires the choreographer to bring together the LED lighted suited up performers in sync with the music, the play of light and darkens, the electronic gadgets that enable the lighting of the suits and the backgrounds. So if you think with just experience in traditional dance training any choreographer is capable of creating a Tron dance performance that the audiences will remember forever, the chances of that are quite grim.

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