All bands have to start somehow. Many groups that today are playing on the big stages around the world started in small clubs in their city or their surroundings. But sometimes it’s hard to get there even. When you are starting, without fans or any kind of contacts, how do you make your way and make people notice you? Social networks are a great way to be in touch with friends and fans who already are, but it is increasingly difficult to access new fans, due to high saturation. Here are tips on how a band without fans or contacts can start and start making a career. Check out the below details about Best LED Light Drummers in India


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The other musicians are by far your greatest allies, to begin with. In the beginning, your best (and sometimes the only) concerts come to you through other bands, whether they offer it directly or if they tell others about you. So you need to go out and make some friends! The easiest way to do this is to go to concerts in your area. Use the internet to find bands from your environment that you like, so much if they play the same style of music as you. Then, go out and see them play. When the concert ends, introduce yourself. Do not try to talk about your music or your band from the start. Let it come out naturally in the conversation, even if it means going to see them two or three times more. Otherwise, you will have a reputation for weighing and can give the impression that you are simply trying to get something from them.

Go doing this with more and more confidence along with LED Drummers, Glowing Drummers, Light Drums and other related items. The world of music is small. You will find that some of the groups you have become friends with are also friends with each other. Play concerts with those bands! Many times! Keep attending their shows, and, supposedly, they will have the same courtesy. The audiences of both will begin to intermingle and the wheel will begin to turn. Being present in the minds of others is the first step towards a growing fan base.

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As a new band, one of your priorities should be to have a logo, typography and a global image idea for the group that establishes their identity. Then show that identity to everyone with pride.

Yes, it means posters. We may be in the 21st century, but if people call your attention your name and your image, without a doubt, they will look for your music after seeing your logo on the walls of your city a few times. Any place where you see other posters, stickers or advertisements can be a good site (make sure you have permission if you put it in any trade or business). Even if you don’t have anything to promote at that moment, putting your image and your name everywhere will help to fix your band in the minds of everyone who sees it.

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Playing live frequently is, for obvious reasons, something essential to make yourself visible and create your fan base. The bands in which I have been able to generate the most consistent follow-up at the beginning played every week or every fifteen days. In general, a biweekly rhythm is a good goal. This does not mean, however, that you should say yes to all the concerts they offer you. It is important to choose wisely where and when to play.

It can be dangerous to play too often in the same place. Doing this will restrict your audience in that area and make your concerts less special.

So play a lot, but distribute the concerts geographically. If you live in a large metropolitan area hire best light drummers, dancers and organize to play in the same area of ​​the city only every six weeks or so. In smaller cities, go to rooms in neighboring cities and take an excursion. Yes, this means moving a lot, but in the end, it will be worth it, since you will reach new fans continuously while maintaining the interest of the current ones.


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