How Tron Dance Is Different From Other Dance Forms?

Every dance has a different origin story and hence their philosophy is different and so is their forms. Tron Dance is quite different from the other dance forms that normally we see in India. Skeleton Dance Crew the first Tron Dance in India group has been able to establish this dance form with conviction and boldness. Skeleton Dance Crew took the bold step of trying out something new and innovative in the dance platform in India with their amazing LED dance performances in Tron dance.

Since any dance form’s philosophy is ingrained with the expression and representation of life, Tron dance shows too do the same but in a different way. It deviates from the quite a few regular features that we find in a dance form while it brings together a few unlikely aspects to bring in something exceptionally new and invigorating.

While many might argue that there are several dance forms that are invigorating and does pump up the audience to take the dance floor, but yet Tron dance is different according to the Tron dance performers. Here are the top five reasons that set Tron dance apart from other dance forms.


  1. Costume: In Tron Dance, the suits become the identity of the dance group. In traditional dance forms, the costumes are dictated by the convention and the age-old style from when it originated. In the modern dance forms often it is either casual or event specific but in Tron dance shows the costumes are part of the performance. For the Tron dance event organizers costumes are an integral part of the dance performance as the music and the choreography. In Tron Dance costume, choreography and music complement each other and has to fit with each other to the perfection to create the world-class show. Skeleton Dance Crew in India has been able to demonstrate that effectively in their amazing LED dance performances. The group gives as much importance to the costumes as any other Tron Dance groups in the world. Generally, there are three types of costumes that Tron dancers use, they are:
  • EI wire costumes
  • LED analog suits
  • LED digital suits
  1. Visuals: Like any other dance performance Tron Dance too is about the visuals but it differs quite a lot from the other dance forms because in Tron dance the audience cannot see the facial expression of the dancer, rather it is all about the LED Tron Dance Show. In Indian traditional dance forms, quite a lot of importance is given to facial expression and movements of fingers known as ‘mudras’. In Tron dance entire body is lit up with costumes that have in-built lighting and the dancers play with those lights to create a futuristic appearance to their dance forms. To create the visuals in Tron dance, the dancers are suited up from head to toe with light suits that cover the following areas:
  • Head
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Elbows
  • Wrist
  • Thighs
  • Legs
  • Shoes

Skeleton Dance Crew as the first Tron Dance in India group has also used light masks to create bread that lights up as part of their Bhangra Tron dance.

In Tron dance, the visuals are not limited to the suits of the dancers only but the entire performance is a play with lights, music, and movements that are put together with the use of technology while bearing in mind the safety of the dancers.


  1. Technology: In Tron Dance, each dance group has a specified mode of performance, background, and ambiance lighting and suits hence each crew uses different kinds of software and hardware for their performance. In most of the dance forms that are performed technology is used but not to the extent in which it is used in Tron dance forms. Any Tron dance group that wants to ace the show or showcase the latest styles and trends or are innovative like the Skeleton Dance Crew will use the best software and hardware in the market and customize them as per their requirement. This definitely does not mean that a new group cannot start by using cheap control system but it will definitely limit the scope of performance. Tron dance event organizers need to be aware of a group’s reputation and technology before hiring them. Since Skeleton Dance Crew, the first Tron dance group in India has been performing these shows around the world as any other world-renowned Tron dance groups invest in the most expensive controllers so that they can choreograph the show as per the demand of the clients. An expensive and well-functioned controller will ensure that the group can create the best show with very little effort as the lights are well synchronized with the beats of the music in real time. There is also the option of using time-code for synchronizing, i.e.
  • Lasers,
  • LED screens
  • Lights, etc.
  1. Multiple Skill Set: Typically, in a dance form the choreographer needs to know the choreography, music, formations and maybe a little about the lighting. In Tron dance, the lead choreographer is required to have knowledge not only in the dance forms and music that he/she intends to use in the Tron dance performance but also knowledge of how to use light in the dark. The choreographer is required to have quite a good understanding and experience in the field of LED show and have the visual aesthetics of using the dancers to create a rhythmic impression in the dark with their lighted up body suits to put up a good LED Tron Dance Show. The choreographer is also burdened with the responsibility to adapt to the new environment with the lights each time they perform.


  1. Not Many in the Field: Tron dance groups are difficult to find in the world. Pretty few groups around the world compared to the traditional dance performers perform Tron dance. Even if you find them all of them are not good at what they do. So the demand for Tron groups in India like Skeleton Dance Crew is not only in demand in the country but around the world.

Apart from these major five differences, there are several other factors and instances that make Tron dance groups different from the other dance groups and forms. This new-age dance style is taking the world by storm and so is the Skeleton Dance Crew.

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