The Philosophy of Tron Dance

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Surely Tron Dance is a new dance form in the field of performing arts but it would not be wrong to say that it originates from the approximately 9000 years old tradition. This tradition is the practice of dance. Tron dance is the well-married combination between the ancient practices with the use of modern technology in a dance form. Skeleton Dance Crew is the first Tron dance company in India that brought the Tron Dance in India and its philosophy to the country. It is our endeavor to reach out to everyone and help them in realizing the importance and philosophy of dance and Tron dance.

In this article, we will look into the philosophy of Tron dance but before delving into that we will take a close look into the philosophy of dance. This will help us in understanding the purpose of Tron dance as a form in recent years and its philosophy.

The Philosophy of Dance

 The philosophy of dance has been described as a form that has been practiced for centuries for various reasons like social, political educative and therapeutic purposes according to Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy. Since we will be talking about the philosophy of the Tron dance form in this article the focus of the philosophy of dance will be primarily on Western dance philosophy and not the Eastern or Indian dance philosophy.

In western philosophy, it is not until recently, i.e. 19th-century western dance form was not considered to be part of the philosophical aesthetics. But in reality, dance had all the parameters that Hegel considered for any art form to be philosophical aesthetics. According to Hegel the notion of philosophy in the art form was based on the factors that if any fine art could symbolize and represent truth visually as well as contribute to intellectual thought and knowledge. But dance was considered a pre-civilization and pre-lingual, symbolic, non-verbal art form. Hegel’s interpretation of art as a philosophy helped in crediting dance as an analytical aesthetics because all the art needed to do was stimulate the intellect in which one did not have to respond bodily. Keeping this definition in mind along with other factors put forth by Hegel for other art forms dance does have a philosophy in it. Like any other art form, it brings the ordinary experiences of life into an artistic existence that people can appreciate intellectually removed from the ‘ordinary’ life.

Since dance forms change over time and even during performance unlike a stable or a static art, it is often said that the term ‘ephemeral art’ is integrated within the philosophy of dance form. This everchanging form allows dance to be true to the society, people who are representing it and makes the experience vital. The philosophy of dance itself allows new things to be incorporated in it thereby giving way to new forms like Tron dance. While dance has its own philosophy each form of dance that has evolved over the years has its own philosophy like Tron Dance has its own. 

Philosophy of Tron Dance

Tron dance was developed after the release of the 1982 American science fiction adventure film Tron. The film itself was an inspiration from the video game Pong.

In the film the lead actor, a computer programmer gets transported into the software world and tries to escape it. In the process, he interacts with other programs. The film was visually appealing with lights that depicted the programs as characters that are human. These characters are lit up that gives them a glow and differentiates from the lead actor. Inspired by the film the dance from Tron was created.

It is a unique dance style that brings together the technology of light, sound, and laser with various dance forms and presents it to the audience. Though it is a western dance style it is now being incorporated into several other dance forms. The Skeleton dance crew the first Tron dance company in India mixes the Tron dance moves with Indian dance styles like Bhangra and performs it.

Unlike any other dance forms and styles in India, Tron dance can be used in various ways. There have been many performances throughout the world in Tron Dance that depicts the present social and political system and injustices around the world along with other social causes.  Tron Dance in India is also now used as part of corporate events, product launches, and other customized events. Since Tron dance uses lights in their costumes it can be used to showcase and advertise any product or event. Tron Dance, unlike any other dance form, is now emerging as a form that can be easily integrated into marketing, advertising and branding of a product thus making it a very viable dance form. Thus making Tron dance an art form that can be used for marketing purposes.

There can be many questions about the philosophy of an art form being linked with business and how that ties up with the aesthetics of a dance form. But one can always argue that in this day and the world the line between consumerism and art is very thin and so the philosophy of an art form also needs to change. That is exactly the viewpoint Tron dance company in India and the world are doing so is the Skeleton Dance Crew.

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