The audience of India is now already aware of the new dance form the Tron Dance.  We would also like to believe the Indian audience is aware of the first Tron Dance Group in India, the Skeleton Dance Crew. We have been known for our innovation and acts that always adds something new. As a result of that Skeleton Dance Crew is now the best light dance group of India who has performed for many national and international events. We not only do corporate events but private parties too.

The need to survive and be the best in this competitive world of dance we combine various dance forms and genres. One such combination that we at Skeleton Dance Crew do is bringing together the master of dance Michael Jackson’s signature dance moves with our own Bollywood songs.

The uniqueness of this dance form that we have created has made us one of the best dance groups in India and Asia. As a group, we have performed this form of Michael Jackson dance style with Bollywood songs at corporate events for Vivo and other organizations.

Why Hire For This Mash-up?

Bollywood is no longer considered to be a film industry only; Bollywood in a way represents India to the world. It has captured the mind, heart, and soul of many artists and people all around the world. Any Indian abroad is asked about Bollywood dance and music more than the films itself. The popularity of Bollywood, everywhere in the world is almost synonymous with its music.

On the other hand, Michael Jackson is an icon, not only for his music but unique dance style. He has created a genre in the dancing world. There are some signature, moves, steps, stances that are exclusive to Michael Jackson. We have envisioned and created a format of Tron dance in India that combines these two super successful genres together. It is a mash-up of the two that creates fun, vibrancy and most important of all a dance performance that you and your audience will never be able to forget.

With our Michael Jackson and Bollywood mashup, you will get a dance performance unlike any other. If it is a corporate event then you will be energized after the event because of the foot-tapping known Bollywood songs that we use. After a long training session, a Michael Jackson like performance will definitely cheer you up. We at Skeleton Dance Crew take out the job of cheering the audience with our performance very seriously, which makes us the best Tron dance group in India.

As the best light dance group, we can do a promotional event for your company too. Despite being a Michael Jackson act we will use the LED light and strips to write the name of your company and logo to showcase your brand. This is a sure way to impress your potential customers, partners, and investors.

Bollywood Tron

Whether it is a corporate event, promotional event or a marriage or any ceremony party people want to enjoy. They want something different, apart from the drinking and dining experience. So with the best light dance group of India, give your audience what they want. Let them have the thrill of Thriller and wearing the Kala Chasma of Katrina Kaif and Siddharth Malhotra and dancing the night away with us, with Michael Jackson, and peppy, foot-tapping Bollywood songs. Your audience, partners and guests can just move to the beats of the energetic Bollywood number or do the signature steps of Michael Jackson.


Why Us?

Bollywood Tron

Apart from being the group that did the first Tron Dance in India, we are a dedicated bunch of dancers and choreographers who pour their heart and soul into any event. Irrespective of the fact whether you want to customize it or have us perform our regular forms of Michael Jackson with Bollywood we will do everything in our capacity to give you the best experience.

Being the best light dance group our acts involves high quality LED suits that are visible from quite a distance, so even if you have a huge audience every signature move of Michael Jackson will be visible to your guests. Furthermore, we dedicate enough time and passion in creating the choreography as well as designing our act. It does not end there, we also see the venue to customize out acts and decide on how it is to be performed to captivate the audience.All these makes and the fact that you only have to contact us and we will give you the best show that you and your audience will cherish throughout life makes us the best dance group. So next time when you decide to have any event, think of Skeleton Dance Crew and our Michael Jackson meets Bollywood dance style, we can assure you will not be disappointed either will your audience.

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