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Skeleton Dance Crew is almost synonymous with the Tron Dance in India. Being the first dance company to introduce this unique dance form in India with experienced dancers took the dancing world of the country by storm. But before we delve into why as an organizer whether for a corporate function, private party or even a wedding ceremony you should hire Skeleton Dance Crew to perform Tron Dance here is a little detail of this dance form.

What Is Tron Dance?

This dance form looks very futuristic that combines different dance styles with lighted suits and laser. The uniforms worn by the trained dancers are like those of the movie Tron, classic science fiction of 1982. The acts performed in Tron dance are quite enchanting because of the choreography, lighting, and the team of highly trained professional dancers that perform the act.


Tron is a unique dance form that brings in the technology of light and sound with a dance together in an exceptional way that is exhilarating and fantastical. With various dance companies now performing this dance style around the world has seen a steady rise not only for the fan base and students but also among the organizers. The reason being Tron dance adds a wow factor that captures the audience unlike any.

Why Use Tron Dance For Occasions?

Many multinational companies are now using Tron dance as part of their product launching or success parties. Even there is a steady growth of hiring Tron dance crews for private parties and weddings the reason being this dance form can incorporate and customize any event in their dance form with the light and sound.


However, before going into the benefits of Tron Dance and why one should consider hiring Skeleton Dance Crew it should be known to the organizers individual or corporate that Tron Dance is not a cheap dance form. This dance form requires quite a lot of accessories add-ons that give it the appeal it has, like:


  •    The costumes required to be fitted with Light Emitting Devices to give the required effect
  •    It LEDs have to be regulated with irregular switching cycles and depended on music
  •    The light of the suit and background have to build along with the music
  •    Music plays an important part in a Tron Act routine and has to be Electronic Dance Music (EDM)


All these factors while makes this dance unique it also makes it a bit more expensive than the regular traditional dances routines that any company performs.

Why Skeleton Dance Crew’s Tron Dance?

As mentioned earlier Skeleton Dance Crew is the pioneer in the Tron Dance routine in India and over the years they have performed the Tron Act in various corporate events.  While there are many dance groups that perform Tron Acts in India Skeleton Dance Crew unlike these dance groups has found a distinctive way of incorporating the Tron Acts into Indian dance forms like Bhangra. Furthermore, the costumes used in the performance can have texts in them promoting whatever the organizers intend to. The lights used in the costumes are bright, colorful, and have clarity unlike any other.

Skeleton Dance Crew is one of the most reliable dance companies in the country that offers the international level Tron Act at an affordable price to their customers.

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