It is not always easy to wow the corporate audience mainly if it is a dance performance. But with Skeleton Dance Crew who has years of experience as the first Tron Dance group in India and has performed nationally and internationally at corporate events, you can wow your corporate audience. They have the experience and knowledge to create a real impact on the audience with their fantastic Tron Dance.

Bollywood MJ Tron

As the best light dance group in India, they offer a performance that is electrifying every single time. Skeleton Dance Crew is one of the few Tron Dance groups in India who has the ability to mesmerize the audience with their performance while showcasing the brand or/and highlighting the corporate event in a unique way.  The Tron dance routine that Skeleton Dance Crew performs in a corporate event is innovative and often customized thus making it difficult for the audience to take their eyes off the performance.


Being the best dance group in India that specializes in light, LED and laser performances they always ensure that the pieces they perform are exciting, entertaining, futuristic that is high on foot-tapping musical numbers. The dancers of the crew are immensely talented and professionally trained dancers who hail from a range of dance disciplines making them a distinctive bunch of performers with exceptional skill sets. As the best dance group in Tron dance Skeleton Dance has proved to give memorable performances in corporate events every single time while wowing the audience.


The factors that enable Skeleton Dance to wow a corporate event audience with their show is their performance. It is high on energy that incorporates well trained and choreographed complex dance moves with striking visuals. As the best light dance group in India, the crew enthralls the audience from the time they enter the stage and continues to captivate them until the dancers leave the stage. Their performance of LED light suits with foot-tapping music is a spectacle that engrosses the audience.


The light and darkness show in which the Tron dancers of the Crew come to the stage with lighted up suits and headgears with variety of color amaze the audience. As the best dance group of India in Tron, Skeleton Dance Crew has the ability to play with the light and darkness, which they combine with cutting-edge Tron equipment and software technology that gives the show am a universal appeal.


Despite being the first group of performers in Tron Dance in India, Skeleton Dance Crew choreographs the show, which is at par with international Tron Dance shows. Since all the dancers of the Crew are trained professional dancers in different disciplines they are able to bring in a variety of styles that are often showcased in their eclectic style of performance. This also enables them to tailor each show as per the corporate client’s requirement that would cater to a specific type of audience.


As the best dance group in Tron Dance, the Skeleton dance group always performs that is original as well as engaging. A good Tron Dance group will always try to do something new and avoid repeating the same sequences. Skeleton Dance Crew while staying true to their root of the dance form, having the knowledge of the birth of Tron dance has the ability to easily sync both forms thus performing something different for every event. They can combine creativity with entertainment and innovation. As a result of this, they have been the first dance group in India to perform Tron Bhangra. This combines the traditional Bhangra dance and the music with the technology that is used in Tron Dance. Thus creating something that is traditional and unique to India while giving it an international and western essence.

Tron Bhangra

Though often innovation with dance is considered to be an unusual combination, Skeleton Dance Crew like other international Tron Dance groups does that. The Crew works hard to showcase their new styles and innovation to wow the audience. One such innovative method used by the Skeleton Dance Crew is 3D Mapping Act. This provides the extra zing, or wow factor to the Tron Dance performance.


Also, since a Tron Dance has few members that are about 5-7 the LED dancers are often ideal performers for themed corporate parties, gala dinners, ceremonies, the launching of a product, and so on. Hence there are several reasons that should influence you to hire a Tron Dance group like Skeleton Dance Crew for your next corporate event so that they can wow your audience. All you have to do is let them know the kind of corporate event you are catering too along with the dance style preference (if you have any). The rest of the work will be taken care pioneers of Tron dance in India, Skeleton Dance Crew. They will create something unique and innovative that will wow and enthrall your audience in your next corporate event.


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