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21 st century is the era of competition and to succeed in the market you need to present things differently. Being an entrepreneur or a business owner you must have felt the need of making your products and services famous in the market and must have thought about innovative ways by which you can market your firm in the right manner. If you are looking for an opportunity to reach your clients, customers and selected market segment in a completely unparalleled manner then Visual POI show by Skeleton Dance Crew is all that you need.

Our brilliant crew members

Our organization Skeleton Dance Crew came in existence in the year 2001 and we portray amazing craftsmanship through our very talented group of male and female dancers. Our crew is full of energy and we plan such dance moves that nobody has ever seen anywhere else. Our endless training and dedication in dance has provided us recognition at various platforms. You can entertain your corporate clients and guests with our dance performances and we guarantee that with our performance not even a single person would wish to leave their seats. Dancing is a pure passion for our team and we meet customized demands of our clients in an unbeatable manner.

How our dance performances are completely unique?

Our dance performances are completely unique because we can present any dance form through laser technology. We use 3D video mapping, animation, LED technology use, Visual POI/Visual Dance features and many other things in our show. The main feature of our Visual POI show or Visual Dance is that you can reveal your brand logo with our dance act and it will create a long lasting impression on your corporate clients and target customers. Through this act company logo will be revealed in a fantastic manner and text will appear as if the information is floating in air similar to hologram style. The dancer, by using the LED sticks will create logo and illusionary text. The audience will be completely captivated in the act and your desired message will be conveyed in an unimaginable way.

Events we cover

You will be surprised to know that till date our organization has covered various national and international events and the audiences have just loved all our performances. Apart from the corporate events we also create dance shows for weddings and custom requirements of multiple platforms. With our Visual POI performance, eye catching costumes and superb graphics your audience will be entertained in a way that no one would have ever imagined before.

Why you need our services

You will find no other organization like ours in the entire market with unmatchable expertise in Visual POI shows. You can convey the exact message to your target group with our dance performances and we assure that our team will never disappoint you. Our services are priced very reasonably and the perfection level that we hold in this zone is something that no other competitor can beat.

Thus for Visual POI performance/Visual Dance you can contact us at anytime as per your convenience and we would be more than happy to help you with your customized request for dance show.

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