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Top Dance Performance in 2023


Tron dance, also known as LED dance or light dance, is a type of performance art that combines dance choreography with LED (light-emitting diode) technology to create visually captivating and futuristic displays. 

White Lightning
White Lightning

Tron Dance 

At its core, visual tron dance is a breathtaking fusion of choreography and LED technology. Dancers become the conduits through which light flows, their every move generating vibrant trails of luminescence. 

White Lightning

Visual Tron Dance

Orange Lightning

Tron Bhangra seamlessly merges the energetic beats of Bhangra with futuristic LED visuals. Dancers, clad in radiant LED attire, fuse traditional moves with modern technology, creating a dynamic fusion of heritage and innovation.

Tron Bhangra

Time to Dance

The MJ Tron Dance pays tribute to the legendary Michael Jackson, infusing his iconic moves with cutting-edge LED technology. 

White Lightning

MJ Tron Dance