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Visual Tron
These days, dance is not just a hobby, it is becoming a habit and activity in most of the people. Not only just because they enjoy it but also because it keeps them fit and fine. They enjoy dance and feel fit and fine. In old days dance was just a hobby nothing else than this but now world, the dance could be someone’s hobby, someone’s passion, someone’s secret of fitness, someone’s secret of happiness and could be anything else.
There are many dance forms Like Zumba, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, etc. But Let’s talk about something different from others. So, I am talking about “LIGHT DANCE“. Light dance is also a form of dance and a mixture of dance and technology. A brilliant form of dance that contains much other light dance acts itself. So let’s talk about various dance acts.
First comes Visual Tron. Have you ever watched Tron Movie? It is quite similar to that. So let’s know more about it.


Visual Tron is a mixture of dance and technology. It is not as simple as we think. With increasing competition with each passing day, entrepreneurs are forced to think of new ways to promote their businesses. Only then can they survive and succeed, irrespective of the type of business they have and their geographical location along with the size. It is important to impress the clients and customers and make them favor the business, to generate traffic and revenue. This holds for both offline and online businesses. Although there are various means to attract niche customers to the brand, it is Visual Tron performed by the experts at Skeleton Dance Crew that can make a huge difference.
Every single costume is said to be fitted with 1,000 LED bright pixels to offer greater clarity and mesmerize the audience.
We also show the desired text on our costumes throughout the dance. This will make our dance all the more effective, since your targeted customers will be able to view our exciting dance act and also get the message at the same time.
We can change our costume to any color desired, thus making the event all the more thrilling and exciting, thus increasing the adrenalin quotient among the audience.
Our performances are with background colorful lasers.

The key feature of this act

Best for business promotion.
It can be customized according to you.
One of the best acts.
Available for shows, events, stage shows, promotions, Advertisements, etc.
After visual Tron, Tron LED Comes. It is also quite similar to visual Tron but this act it excluded with visuals as it cleared with its name.


light dance show

Tron LED Dance cleared with its name. This is a form of dance with the use of LEDs on the dancer’s entire suits with head to toe. Tron LED Dance or Tron Dance can also be used for promotion and product/Business launches. If you are an entrepreneur and eager to promote your brand of business among the mass or to a niche client in a unique way, then you can always contact the dance masters at Skeleton Dance Crew. We are a reputed dance group who are experts in the Tron Dance/Light Dance act. We can come up with a variety of dance acts to suit every type of need, be it a wedding, birthday, festival, occasion, or any corporate or business event. Be it a new product launch or promoting your existing brand, we are always there by your side to ensure greater customer satisfaction.
It’s a very beautiful way to send a message to the public with an eye-catching idea. Not even dances but also even watchers enjoy this dance form. To survive in any business, entrepreneurs need to keep on implementing various types of advertisement methods to hit the niche target and get the intended message very loud and clear. It is only by achieving this particular aspect that your business can ensure getting a good customer base and be recognized by the targeted mass. At the same time, you need to take appropriate promotional steps to make sure that your business is alive and kicking and to outdo your competitors, who probably might be thinking on the same lines. Even a minute wasted might mean giving your competitors the kind of edge that they have always been looking for to beat you in competition. The fact is every individual customer is valuable and it is necessary to win their heart with the right message that is channelized through proper means. This is where Tron Dance can work like magic.

Key features of this act

Best Act for those who want just wow-factor without any customization.
It can promote any brand or product is a very beautiful manner.
Available for shows, events, stage shows, promotions, Advertisements, etc.

Laserman  Show

laser light man show


Have you ever watched the laser man show ever before? If no, then this is the show that you must see once in your entire life. This is very much different from other dance shows. It is a Laserman Show, one of the most famous shows in light dance acts or shows. It’s a show that can be done on any occasion and events and can also promote your business or product.
Skeleton Dance troupe the best dance troupe of Delhi India comprises of the young and the middle-aged who are fully energetic and have been practicing dance of various forms for a very long time in a professional manner. We put all our efforts into our dance during the performance to make sure that our audience can get entertained thoroughly. All our dancers are extremely talented and know what is expected from the audience. It can be stated safely and surely that dance for our dancers is not only a hobby or a source of income but also something of great passion that they pursue. It is not our client’s needs that we meet through our dance, but also impress our clients at the same time along with ourselves. Every dance performance that we put up, we try to enhance our level, trying to one-up.

Key features of this act

Best Act for those who want just wow-factor without any customization.
It can promote any brand or product is a very beautiful manner.
It can reveal your brand’s or product’s logo.
Available for shows, events, stage shows, promotions, Advertisements, etc.
We can proudly state that our Laser Man Show performance can be had for any kind of occasion or event that you select. This could be for your business promotion, any corporate event or occasion or even for parties and the like. Even individuals may hire our dance services for weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and the like. We are always ready to show our very best and enthrall your guests completely. You will make no mistake in hiring our dance services and our experienced and talented dancers know how they can put you and your thoughts about our performance in the comfort zone. The very moment the music starts, you and your guests will be simply be amazed by what is happening and will just wait to see more of it. At the end of the performance, we will also display your business logo much to your delight.


Visual Pixel Poi

visual pixel poi show
Visual Poi or the Pixel Poi is an illusion type performance where you can reveal your product or company’s logo in a very magical way. It is the best act to reveal your logo. 21st century is the era of competition and to succeed in the market you need to present things differently. Being an entrepreneur or a business owner you must have felt the need of making your products and services famous in the market and must have thought about innovative ways by which you can market your firm in the right manner. If you are looking for an opportunity to reach your clients, customers and selected market segment in a completely unparalleled manner then Visual Pixel POI show by Skeleton Dance Crew is all that you need.

Key features of this act

Best act to reveal your brand or product logo.
It can promote any brand or product is a very beautiful manner.
Available for shows, events, stage shows, promotions, Advertisements, etc.


LED Buugeng Show

LED Buugeng show
It is regarded to be a dance show combined with great futuristic illusion and component along with vast visual impact created from lights. They are surprisingly delightful due to their different approach to the choreographic movement. Since it is a different form of dance that does not have much exposure, your audience is sure to lap up every movement that is taken by our highly experienced and talented dancers. We practice the selected dance form that is to be presented at the event that we have undertaken numerous times and day and night until we have mastered every step. Our dancers do put in their best efforts to make sure that the dance that is presented is mesmerizing. We can hold the attention of the audience right from the word go until the end of the dance. Your guests are sure to enjoy every dance performance that is performed by our well recognized and awarded dancers. We do not leave any stone unturned until we make sure that all the performances that we put up for the event are more than 100%.
We first identify the type of occasion or event that is to be held, the audience type who will attend the program and other aspects. Keeping this mind, we will put up a show that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Key features of this act

Available for shows, events, stage shows, promotions, Advertisements, etc.

LED Interactive Act – LED Wall Act

LED Wall show
A 3D Video mapping act that specializes in logo revealing, brand promotion, product promotion and in stage shows. It is a product launching act and one of the most famous in our acts. The interactive act is considered to be a wonderful activity for those eager to launch a new product or interested in showcasing the storyboard of the existing products. At the same time, we can also display text, logo and also create graphics animations depending upon the product story that your company has. Animatronics is all about LED dances behind the walls, where the dancers are to interact properly and in a synchronized manner with the LED graphics. It is the dance, the special LED effects, accurate timing and coordination among our dancers that tend to make this dance a popular one.
When this dance is created in a manner to best represent your business and the products that you deal with, the result can be really surprising, astonishing and something that cannot be achieved in minutes by the other conventional promotional forms of marketing. Checking out the past performances and video clips will give a clear picture of what Skeleton Dance Crew can prove to be of help to your business. For more information, contact immediately the dance representatives.

Key features of this act

The best act to reveal your brand or product logo.
One of the famous acts for brand promotion.
It can promote any brand or product is a very beautiful manner.
Available for shows, events, stage shows, promotions, Advertisements, etc.

Tron Bhangra

tron bhangra in light dress

Have you ever watched this type of bhangra (Famous Punjabi Dance)? If not then you must watch this bhangra, the Tron bhangra by skeleton dance crew. It is also known for the best Tron bhangra group in India.
The competition in the market is getting tougher day by day and people are looking for new ways to attract clients and target customers. What companies need is a way by which they can make their brands recognizable in the market by creating a long-lasting impression on the minds of others. If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur looking to promote any activity or even a common man looking for some electrifying dance performances then you will get the desired results by organizing Tron Bhangra show through us at Skeleton Dance Crew.
There is nobody in the entire market that can conduct a Tron Bhangra show like us. Our dancers will create a magical moment for your audience and they will become speechless after seeing the Bhangra dance with high-end technological means. After viewing our show it is guaranteed that you will receive unimaginable appreciation for your unique choice from corporate clients and customers. It is a unique method by which you can communicate about what you do to the people that matter the most. The audience will remain captivated at all times and your desire for creating a market presence for your company will eventually come true.

Key features of this act

A Combination of Punjabi Bhangra and Tron Dance.
Available for shows, events, stage shows, promotions, Advertisements, etc.

Customize Acts

Customise LED Wall show
The customize act is as clear with its name. It can be customized according to you and your clients as per your/their needs. Skeleton Crew has been offering its clients with different types of dance acts to suit the specific requirements of the business and keeping in mind the type of audience who are attending the program. The customize Act that is presented by our team is a special way of promoting your business. Our dance troupe when performing this act will display any text about your products on our costumes in bold. Also, the product color will change according to the client’s product and costume with mind-blowing visual effects. We can also perform such acts at outdoor events, much to your delight and satisfaction. The other exciting feature with this type of activity that is offered by us that, the costumes worn during the performance tend to react with the audience’s reactions. For instance, if the audience loves our show and claps for our dance performances, then our costumes will also start to react accordingly. This is something really special, which has never been presented by any other dance troupe in the country. It is for this reason, we have been in huge demand by organizers, both individuals, and corporate groups, not only across the country but also worldwide.

We can put lights in any product as in the below car we did in Saudi Arabia for Dirab Motor Park


Tron Car by Skeleton Dance Crew

Key features of this act

It is a fully customized act and can be customized according to you.
Special Act for your promotion.
Available for shows, events, stage shows, promotions, Advertisements, etc.


LED Drummersled glowing drummers

Feel the drumming experience that you never feet before. The best drumming ever with the skeleton dance crew. The LED Drummers or Light Drummers of India is here, The Skeleton Dance Crew.
Skeleton Dance Crew does offer its clients with customized dance options, where they make provisions for the company to showcase its log on the drums that will be used during the event. The troupe also assures its corporate clients of their name being shown/run on their drums, therefore highlight the brand and enhancing its goodwill in the market. The visual effects offered by the performers on stage are quite eye-catching and sure to be enjoyed thoroughly by all guests, irrespective of their age. Being a well-known dance troupe, they are likely to attract the guests. Moreover, with their high-intensity performance, they are sure to compel all the guests to stay glued to their seats right from the start of the event until its end.

Key features of this act

Can show up logos, names on drums.
Blow drums according to your provided song.
Available for shows, events, stage shows, promotions, Advertisements, etc.
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