The Philosophy of Tron Dance

Surely Tron Dance is a new dance form in the field of performing arts but it would not be wrong to say that it originates from the approximately 9000 years old tradition. This tradition is the practice of dance. Tron dance is the well-married combination between the ancient practices with the use of modern technology […]

Easy tips of dancing for beginners

Over the world there are so many dancers who are present to entertain the people and make their own career in this best platform. There are many legends have been left their art for the new generation and the world follow the styles of these legends. Dancing competitions can easily be seen in the colleges […]

The exciting world of Tron Dance

There are different types of dance forms that are being practiced all over the world. The traditional form of dance which is being practiced for ages is slowly facing competition from new ones that are known to use the latest technology. Such dances performed by the dance masters are visually appealing in the real sense […]

What are the benefits of Dance?

People these days have become smart and understand the need for having a fit body and mind. This is not only important for achieving success in a career, but also to lead a happy and satisfying life. Although there are different ways and methods to achieve them like diet, exercise and the like, the one […]

How does Dance keeps you fit?

The truth is dance is considered to be a wonderful form of art and exercise which can be performed by people of all ages. It is viewed to be among the ancient forms of fun-filled, rhythmic exercise, requiring full coordination of both the body and the mind. Moreover, it is also stated to be among […]

Best Dance Troupe in Delhi

Skeleton Dance Group Performing Tron Dance in delhi at Oberoi Hotel. We are the one of the best dance groups in India. We are the semifinalist of India’s Got Talent for more details click on the below link

Robots Show for all occasions by Skeleton Crew

India is a land of festivities and there are different types of occasions celebrated here throughout the year. There are however, some special occasions that does require to be spiced up to make a huge difference to the occasion. Incorporating Robots dance by the industry professionals like Skeleton Dance Crew can help the occasion to […]

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