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Our overseas experience

We cater to the requirements of overseas clients in a supreme manner. Be it any overseas event, our performances will be the main centre of attraction. We have competed with several internationally acclaimed artists in the domain of entertainment and dance and our group has bagged many prizes as well. We also represented India in Russia and our team was there for more than 2 months. We performed in more than 20+ countries including INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, BANGLADESH, EGYPT, ROME, DUBAI, KUWAIT, CHINA, RUSSIA, QATAR (DOHA), BANGKOK (THAILAND), NEPAL, BAHRAIN, SAUDI ARABIA, SOUTH AFRICA, BHUTAN, etc.
The overseas demand for our performances is rising day by day and we leave no stone unturned in satisfying the customised demands of clients. All our performances are of international standards and it is guaranteed that you and your guests would have never seen anything like this before. Our team presents each and every single act with absolute finesse and the audiences will keep on demanding more and more.

Our Acts On International Platforms

LED Interactive Performance In Kuwait

Laserman with Tron Performance in Dubai

Tron Legacy Car Style | LED Lights on Ford Mustang Car

LED Tron Dance for DHL in DUBAI UAE

Tron Dance Rehearsals in Egypt Cairo

Best Tron Dance Show in China – Ice Festival in Herbin

Skeleton Dance Crew Holds Absolute Mastery in the Domain of Overseas Events

We at Skeleton Dance Crew are exceptionally representing Indian talent on international platforms. We can make any overseas event absolutely outstanding with our amazing performances. Our team works very passionately and the demand for our performances is rising day by day on the international platforms. Be it any event like stage show, business promotion, exhibition, parties, corporate events, promotional campaigns, fests in universities or any other occasion, our performances can make everyone spellbound.

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