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About Visual Tron

Amaze your audience for the new product launch through the VisualTRON Show by the Skeleton Dance Crew. The Tron LED dancers create a wow factor and promote your product through appealing tag lines and slogan. The company logo is visible in the show and dresses to capture the audience interest. Their unique performance for every client includes customized choreography, text display, and color selection. The Performance is Even Good for Outdoor Venues

About Tron Dance

The LED Tron dancers provide an amazing visual impact that will WOW corporate event audiences. They can create a unique performance for every client, this can range from redeveloped choreography, to a simple logo or slogan insertion to an existing show

About Animatronics Act

can be availed for product launch events. Our dancers can easily incorporate your product features and through our customise dance, can ensure that the message that you wish to deliver to your audience is provided to them via our amazing Tron dance and graphics that we make for you

About Laser Man Show

is considered the prime attraction by the Skeleton Dance Crew. Our dance troupe has been credited with being the only one to come up with the best laser show in india with no competition. We have been termed to be the very best laser dancers in the country, ready to impress a huge audience whenever desired.

About Visual Poi

is the best visual impact for your audience. The performance is mix of Tron Costumes and Amazing Visual Graphics that will Wow your audience. We can show any Graphics, Text and Logos of your company while in between the performance

About Tron Bhangra Act

Tron bhangra is a unique combination of performing bhangra with the visual effects of LED lights that will create a splendid environment. So get ready to enjoy a power packed tron bhangra performance by our very talented team at Skeleton Dance Crew.

About LED Buugeng Show

is a show with a great futuristic component and illusion with a huge visual impact of lights that are surprisingly delightful because of its different approach in the choreographic movement.

About Customised Acts

Customize Act that is presented by our team is actually a special way for promoting your business. Our dance troupe when performing this act will display any text about your products on our costumes in bold. Also, the product color will change according to the client’s product and costume with mind blowing visual effects. We can also perform such acts at outdoor events, much to your delight and satisfaction.

Amazing LED Lights on Car

Are you a car showroom owner or an organization dealing in cars and looking for some options that can attract the immediate attention of buyers? In this case we can definitely help you in boosting the sales level with our outstanding LED lights and glowing wiring arrangement. The competition is getting tougher day by day and in order to boost the revenues we will prove to be a game changer for your organization.

About Robots

Have you ever heard about robotic performances? A few years back people believed that such a performance can only be witnessed on the international platforms. But in the present times robotic performance is immensely loved in India and we at Skeleton Dance Crew are the ones who conduct such events with absolute fineness. Our Robots event is something that you will instantly fall in love with. Be it any event like corporate shows, exhibitions, marriage functions, birthday events, stage shows, promotional campaigns or anything else the Robots will become the main centre of attraction and everyone will praise you for your wonderful idea of event theme.

About Interactive Acts

You may be pressurized by the growing competition in your particular domain. If so, then it could be that the conventional promotional methods that you have already invested in, is not bringing the desired results as you have expected. In such a case, it does become important on your part to look for other alternatives, which will excite your niche clients and customers. It is essential to provide your targeted clients with useful information and knowledge about your business and the products that you are dealing with along with the new products that you have just launched or plan to launch. Whatever be it, our
professionals at Skeleton Dance Crew are talented enough to make things easy for your brand of business.

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