How LED Drummers Can Convey Your Brand?


Are you looking for ways to provide your audience with a new experience with your brand launching or maybe something unique, which they will remember for a long time? Skeleton Dance Crew has the answer for you with its LED Drum Act. We customize our LED act with the latest and popular drums and instrumental beats that are groovy and foot-tapping. Skeleton Dance Crew is one of the best LED Drummers in Delhi that you can hire to showcase your brand at any corporate event. 

Mesmerize Audience With LED Drum Act 

Skeleton Dance Crew’s Light Drummers with their LED suits reflect their experiential entertainment capacity in the business. Our team is one of the best LED Drummers in India and offers a live music show that is magical with its movements and can mesmerize the audience with their spectacular lighting. Hire LED Drummers of Skeleton Dance Crew to transform and wow your guests with a composition that creates mysterious characters with light and sound. As part of our LED drum light show, our group will take the audience on a colorful, dreamlike journey that combines extraordinary choreography, with high impact drumming and exceptional lighting design and costumes. 

Interactive LED Drummers In Delhi 

The performance of Skeleton Dance Crew as LED Drummers in Delhi creates an interactive experience with the audience. We can achieve this by continually shifting the show’s focal point and by interacting with the surrounding. Our LED choreography and lighting encompasses theatrics that gradually unfolds to the audience, which is done as per the requirement of the brand and the audience whom you want to woo. This ensures that the audience gets immersed in the theatrics of the lighting and drumming. Hence as the performance builds up gradually an intensity forms that result in a dramatic climax of sound, light and shadow, and movement of the dancers. 

Customized Acts of LED Drummers In India

You can hire Skeleton Dance Crew as Light Drummers for any occasion to showcase your brand. We perform and choreograph customized shows that can range from medium to large scale corporate events. Our LED drummer dancers are highly trained and well-qualified to design any promotional show of any stature. Their experience in LED dance makes them highly adaptable for any setting of a wide range of audiences. Our expertise in LED dance shows over the years allows us to not only reinvent our choreography but also be a showstopper in any event that needs to be highlighted. As one of the best LED Drummers in India, we assure you that we make a fantastic addition to your brand at any event that requires showcasing your brand.

Our customized LED Drum acts also provide you with the opportunity to light you the brand logo on the drums during the performance. We ensure that the name of the brand is clear and visible to the audience during the performance. During the act, we highlight the characteristics and features of your brand. Thus the goodwill of your brand is put across to the audience successfully with our LED drum acts

LED Drummers Of International Fame

Skeleton Dance Crew has been in the business of Tron Dance for years and is one of the first Tron Dance groups in India, we have participated in many national and international competitions. We can boast that we have won several of these competitions. Thus we know the global standard of Tron Dance. But being an Indian Tron Dance group, Skeleton Dance Crew can bring in the vibrant Indian beat, musical and chorographical twists to the LED dance routines. This includes the LED Drum light show. That is appropriate for audiences across the globe of all ages and venues. 

Skeleton Dance Crew has already performed as LED Drummers in Singapore, representing many international brands at corporate events. We have also

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