Learn Optical Illusion Dance and make audience dance  

We know that we all have different hobbies and passion of something we like and we want to do it at least once in life. Some people full fill their dreams but some people cannot, it is not because they cannot make their dream come true but because of their busy life. But the people who chase their dreams they only want success and nothing else. We all have a hidden talent but we have to identify it, so that it ignites the fire and pushes the stamina for getting harder. Dance is very lovable art among the people and among many street dancers who are present at every place. They dance well but they are not famous and not professional. Professional dancers are those dancers who invent unique dance moves and steps and make dance easy for the others. There are one famous dance form and that is Illusion Dance.
They encourage people and entertain to attract them and collect a huge amount of publicity. Like this dance form the other popular dance is Laser light show which also some effective and glittery moves.
Skeleton dancers-
· When this dance is performed by the professional skeleton dancers it attract number of people because they are the masters of lighting.
· Best Dance group of Delhi is very popular in India because this group has also performed on TV shows and also performed for business meets and people hire them to launch the services or any symbol of the company like logos and names.
People can individually perform the dance or with dance group but for that they have to get the real sense of dancing.
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