Get the best wedding choreographer in India

About wedding crew- Recognized in year 2001, Best wedding choreography are cooperation of male or female dancers whose like and passion for their skill has carried them jointly. The crew has a standard age sort of 21-29. Established and choreographed by Mr. Harpreet Singh. We are always training and rising ourselves independently and bringing new steps and ideas back to the table.
Further than people thought –
Skeletons most important plan as a crew and company is obvious in their motto, beyond people Imagination. We take vast arrogance to maintain that our dancers are sufficient talented to present a range of dancing acts variety from Tron Dance, computer graphics 3D Video Mapping Dance, Laser Man Show, LED Bugging Show, Visual Poi Show, visual Illusion presentation and many more. People just name what their audience will desire us to do and they can have it, much to their pleasure. People can also learn best move for wedding.
About Skeleton Crew – The famous skeleton dance crew in Delhi is the first Dance Crew to perform Tron Led Dance in India. Awarded for the best dance group in India in 2013, and for the most famous dance group of the year. The group has performed on various television shows across Asia as well as India got talent
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In addition, we are in vast demand to present at product launches, club events, and high tech beginning for commercial shows worldwide.
Designed to motivate and surprise public, these LED Tron Dancers are the ideal entertainment choice for the person who are looking for grave wow factor.
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