Give the tribute to Michael Jackson with learning their style 

Are you a fan of Michael Jackson? Do you love his dance style? Are you fond of his moves and want to learn them? Then Skeleton Dance Crew is the right place for you. Skeleton Dance Crew specializes in teaching and performing various dance forms like B Boying, locking and popping, zumba, aerobics, bollywood style and the famous the Michael Jackson act.
The Skeleton Dance Crew MJ acts involves the use of hi tech LED, Laser, UV lights and Optical illusions to enhance the quality of their dance performances. They are not only a famous dance group in Delhi but also all across the country. The use of technology and powerful lights makes their acts more interesting, enjoyable and worth watching. The famous skeleton crew is known for its huge success within a span of few years. They have already captured the hearts of many by their performances in Dance India Dance, India’s Got Talent, etc.
So, whether it is a corporate event or a grand wedding celebration, Skeleton Dance Crew has the best performances available for you and if you opt for the famous MJ act then it can work wonders on your special occasion. So, why wait to learn the best MJ act with great guidance and supervision of experts. Boost your confidence and create more fan following by learning the Michael Jackson Act with the Skeleton Dance Crew of Delhi.
Follow your passion for life and find the transformation in you. We bet you won’t find another dance crew like them anywhere. If you want to get in touch with the best dance troupe in Delhi, then why not give a call or visit their office in person.
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