Tron dance is one of the most famous dance forms in Pune


Dance comes from inside and the feeling of is also hidden inside a human being. If the person is a trained dancer then there is no issue because he or she can manage the choreography easily but if the person is not in this field then the real problem occurs. People can hire the dancers of can learn from the experts and nowadays both the things have become easy for the people. Light Dance is trending worldwide and there are groups who teach this form to the people. Tron Dance India is also famous because the crew that performs this is not unknown to anyone. Yes, they are the skeletons and they can teach any dance style to the folks.  They have a long track record of success and they have actually picked up the demand of the people and added creativity in their styles so that it is liked by everyone.
Some innovative areas-
· Costume is the main element in dance and the skeleton crew literally played with this because they stuffed lights on that. Dance Troupe in Pune really won million hearts after this experiment and they made the simple dance style unique.
· Again the mixture of both boys and girls is a plus that helps them in acquiring every style with ease.  They also showcase their style in many cultural events and commercial shows so raise the publicity levels.
· People can take the help of help of skeletons for launching a product or a logo and they are really experienced in it.
Customization is very necessary in dance and the crew is known for this because they always have something good and attractive.

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